Global Wording

Academic translation and editing services in English and Spanish.

We are freelance English to Spanish and Spanish to English translators ideally suited to meeting your academic translation and editing needs. 

We combine advanced university degrees in natural sciences, social sciences and health sciences with excellent writing and a comprehensive understanding of the specific needs of academics and researchers.

Academic specialization and research expertise

Your translation projects will benefit from our specialized knowledge in a number of academic disciplines and our dedication to accuracy and excellent writing.

We put our rigorous research skills to work to find the right expressions and the proper terminology, and we draw upon an extensive network of English-speaking and Spanish-speaking experts in our areas of specialization.

High-quality service

To provide professional, high-quality service, we only translate into our native languages. All of our translations are also proofread by another translator, ensuring that the final product is a polished, error-free text ready for publication.

Our reputation for outstanding customer service reflects our customized approach to the requirements of each project and our commitment to meeting all deadlines.

Research centres, researchers, graduate students and NGOs have been using our services since 2001 to:

We also welcome activist, legal, technical and commercial projects, and will work with you to provide a friendly, affordable and efficient way to help you convey your message.

We translate and edit:

- Academic research papers

- Abstracts

- Conference presentations

- Book chapters

- Book manuscripts

- Quarterly and annual reports

- Newsletters and brochures

- Email communications

- Research proposals

- Scientific research papers

- Funding and grant applications

- Informed consent forms

- Interview questions

- Interview transcripts

- Dissertations